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Our Mission

To empower healthcare professionals to find happiness in their careers through a commitment to innovation and conversation.

Our Story

CovalentCareers is a career development company for new healthcare professionals, providing them with education, mentorship, and job opportunities. We provide employers with scalable talent acquisition solutions.

CovalentCareers has been in business since 2013 and houses nearly 20 employees in San Diego, California. Founded by healthcare professionals, CovalentCareers fundamentally understands the challenges of today's healthcare professionals. We’ve built rock solid relationships with healthcare influencers and our advisory boards are comprised of today’s movers and shakers.

When CovalentCareers first started, we noticed traditional, interruptive talent acquisition didn’t appeal to job seekers anymore. Due to the digital age, candidates were in complete control of the information they consumed—and they were sick and tired of receiving direct mail, email blasts, and cold calls from recruiters. Candidates wanted to be helped, so we started creating career development content that aided people in solving their career problems.

Today, we’ve built a passionate community of healthcare influencers, expanded our inbound talent acquisition approach to helping companies attract talent, and strengthened the healthcare career development more than ever before.

CovalentCareers is strongly focused on giving back—whether donating 10% of revenue to private practice clubs, medical mission trips in Andrah Pradesh, India, local community Day of Service events, or VTO days—we’re obsessive about giving back to our local community, our profession, and aboard.


Where did the name CovalentCareers come from?

A covalent bond is the strongest and most balanced atomic bond found in the universe. We aim to help create similar bonds between healthcare practices and healthcare professionals!
CovalentCareers Team
We're Hiring!

In 2019 we're looking to double the size of our team! If you’re passionate about our mission, we'd love to meet you.