Our Mission

CovalentCareers helps people find jobs and opportunities in their healthcare field.

Company History

  • 2014
  • March - An Idea is Born

    Entering the healthcare workforce themselves, the team recognizes that the process of finding great healthcare jobs is outdated and broken.

  • 2015
  • December - Seed Investment

    With a solid business plan, industry research and ducks in row, the team closes a $200,000 seed funding round.

    January - Product Development

    The founding team begins product development and user testing.

    May - Product Launch 1.0

    The first CovalentCareers minimum viable product is launched in eyecare and exclusively for optometrists and opticians.

  • 2016
  • January - Expansion

    The team brings on its first two employees, both software engineers dedicated to the startup world.

    April - Office Space

    The team leaves Matt's spare bedroom and sets up shop in an environmentally friendly office space in Pacific Beach, San Diego California.

    SEPTEMBER - 2.0 Product Launch

    With lessons learned, the team launches a completely new product, engineered in React.Js, Django, and Python. No longer is the product just limited to eyecare, but is open to all of healthcare.

Our Team’s Core Values

The CovalentCareers team is ruthlessly focused and was founded on sacrifice and determination.
Here are some of our guiding prinicples and the things that are most important to us.

Where did the name
CovalentCareers come from?

Covalent bond(n): The stable balance of forces between atoms when they share electrons.

A covalent bond is the most stable, balanced, and strongest atomic bond found in nature.
This bond holds together the very fabric of our reality. We aim to help create similar bonds between
healthcare practices and job seekers.

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