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Our Mission

To empower healthcare professionals to find happiness in their careers through a commitment to innovation and conversation.

Where did the name CovalentCareers come from?

covalent bond

Covalent bond(n): The stable balance of forces between atoms when they share electrons.

A covalent bond is the most stable, balanced, and strongest atomic bond found in nature. This bond holds together the very fabric of our reality. We aim to help create similar bonds between healthcare practices and healthcare professionals.

The Team

Our co-founding team consists of an optometrist, a physical therapist, and a software engineer. Today our team consists of ODs, PTs, OTs, and SLPs who are incredibly passionate about helping other new graduates in their career.

covalentcareers team

We're Hiring!

In 2018 we're looking to double the size of our team!
If you’re passionate about our mission, consider looking at our open positions.