Video Interview with Mile Brujic and Dave Kading - Optometry

Oct 15, 2014
1 min read

Mile Brujic and Dave Kading will discuss student debt, passion, the future of optometry, and optometry success in this video interview with Mile Brujic and Dave Kading.

Mile Brujic and Dave Kading are awesome guys.

I have known them for only about a year and they never cease to blow my mind. In fact, Mile was completely responsible for helping me to find my first optometry job with Dr. Eric White.

When at Vision Expo West I caught up with them outside the exhibit hall and interviewed them. Mile and Dave have some amazing insights to share and I would listen up because they are crushing it in the optometry game right now.

In this interview they will cover

  • Student debt
  • How to make your passion profitable
  • What they would do if they could go back in time
  • How to manage success

To find out more about Mile Brujic and Dave Kading, check out these resources.

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