Truffles the Kitty: Instagram's Furriest Optometry Star

Jan 29, 2020
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When a young patient at this clinic is nervous about their new glasses, @truffles_the_kitty is ready to assist.


If you're a frequent browser of #cuteanimals on Instagram, you'll recognize this bespectacled feline. At just two years old, Truffles the cat has amassed quite the following on social media, and in the last few months has been profiled and spotlighted in multiple media outlets from local news to Invision.

Optician Danielle Crull, Truffles's owner, realized early on that she had no ordinary cat. Truffles quickly learned tricks like "jump," "sit," and "high-five," before Crull was inspired to create custom glasses for Truffles. Truffles didn't mind wearing them at all—and just like that, an optometry star was born.

More than just an adorable animal, Truffles's mission is to help kids feel more confident in their glasses and less scared of visits to the eye doctor. Crull created a variety of videos to teach kids how to take care of their glasses, about using eye patches, etc. These videos proved so helpful that Truffles now "works" at her owner's practice! Truffles loves making kids happy, and judging by her following on Instagram, she's made thousands of other people smile, as well.

Meet Truffles.

Truffles is employed at A Child’s Eyes in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, where she teaches kids all about glasses and eyecare.

She works to help kids feel more confident.

No one was quite sure how she would react to this accessory, but Truffles is happy to don an eye patch every now and then! Her custom patches help kids feel less afraid and more confident to wear their own eye patches.

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Truffles says, “Don’t make fun of kids wearing an eyepatch. They are strong and brave!” Truffles hears all the time about kids who are laughed at and pointed at when they wear their eyepatch in public. It might be common sense not to do that, but it happens all the time. That’s why Truffles proudly wears her eyepatch today. 💝Kids who wear an eye patch have to walk around in their world with blurry vision. They take on such a difficult task of making their own vision better by wearing this patch. If you see a little one with a patch, shake their hand and tell them how amazing they are! That’s what Truffles would do! #amblyopia #amblyopiakids #amblyopiaawareness #eyepatch #framehuggers #myiocclusioneyepatches #ortopad #seeworthypatches #benice #catsofinstagram #cat #catlife #catlovers #cats_of_instagram #tuxedocat #tuxedocatsofinstagram #tuxedocats #glasses #eyewear #eyewearfashion #kidsinglasses #glassesarecool #glassesrock #girlswithglassesrock @prattprattpratt

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Truffles was an adorable kitten . . .

Even at 12 weeks old, her owner knew she was going to be a star.

. . . And she's grown into quite the majestic cat.

Now two years old, Truffles has learned a variety of tricks and helped countless kids!

She wears all kinds of glasses, just like the patients she works with.

Truffles loves rocking her custom-made glasses! She even chooses between different pairs.

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Show Truffles #catsofinstagram

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She's very opinionated.

Truffles doesn't love to be held, but she's happy to do most other things. She's easygoing—when she wants to be.

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Oh the whiskers!!!!! #catsofinstagram

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But she knows her manners.

And she'll shake your hand!

She knows plenty of other tricks, too. Although Crull wouldn't describe herself as a cat trainer, Truffles is very smart and always willing to learn. She can even point to items on an eye chart!

She's a true star! ⭐

Truffles was nominated for the "Most Tail-ented" on Good Morning America.

Truffles is the presidential candidate with a vision for 2020!

Although the details of her platform have not yet been released, we can only imagine that healthcare is front and center for this feline frontrunner!

Truffles is especially helpful when it comes to treating younger patients. Her easygoing demeanor, as well as adorably fluffy fur, make her popular amongst all ages! It's hard not to fall in love with optometry's cutest cat. 🐱

Are you just as obsessed with Truffles as we are?

Find her online at!

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