Top 5 Resources for Vision Therapy & Rehabilitation

Aug 31, 2015
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Here is a list of my top five ways to learn and stay connected with the advancements in vision therapy and rehabilitation.


The most frequently asked question I hear is, “I did not get a lot of exposure to vision therapy, where do I start to learn (or re-learn) about vision therapy?”

Below you will find my top resources for understanding, learning, and keeping up with all things related to vision therapy and rehabilitation.

*Disclaimer: I am not employed by any of the organizations mentioned below, or have financial interest in any of the books or journals listed.  They simply are my favorites. 

1. My Go-To Books

This book has been my all time favorite reference throughout my vision therapy career thus far. It gives the most comprehensive assessment and management of any binocular vision disorder in a simple, concise, and easy-to understand way. I find that difficult concepts that are often avoided in other texts are addressed well in this book. This is the book I recommend for any optometrist that is interested in having a solid understanding of the binocular system.

This was a required text when I was studying in optometry school and I now understand why. It has been the foundation for my diagnosis and management skills in vision therapy. It clearly lays out each common binocular vision condition, describing symptoms and what the management plan could be. It also provides a sample vision therapy program for each condition.

2. Journals

The best way to stay connected to your profession and all of the advancements that occur is to read as many journals as possible. I recommend that you subscribe to one of the major journals that covers the entire profession as well as two or three in your particular area of interest. For me, these are my go-to’s:

3. Websites/Blogs

Blogs are the way of the future! They are great resources for daily posts, case studies and different areas of discussion. I subscribe to these blogs and read their articles almost everyday!

This blog is managed by Dr. Shelly Mozlin, who is passionate about spreading the word about everything related to vision and learning. This results in a blog that reflects just how pervasive visual issues can be. What I really like about this blog is that there are many guest writers that have different areas of expertise, resulting in a blog that is comprehensive and effective at educating in all areas related to vision. In addition, it is organized by topic which makes it easy to find specific things you may be interested in.

Dr. Leonard Press is the most active writer on this blog, posting on a daily (sometimes bi-daily!) basis about all sorts of topics. Typically, his posts are short, sweet and to the point with a lot of discussion in the comment sections.

The Concussion Project is a website created by the team of doctors behind the VisionHelp Blog that serves to educate optometrists and parents/patients alike about the visual effects of concussions, treatment protocols, and management plans. It is a phenomenal reference for any new graduate looking to work with this specific population.

4. COVD Meeting

My article on why every optometrist should get involved with the COVD describes one of the best meetings in optometry. The COVD meeting is the place to learn, socialize, and become part of this amazing group of doctors changing lives everyday!

5. COVD Match

This program has become my favorite part of I think it is amazing that we are connecting new graduates to local (or not so local!) doctors to act as their mentors and confidants. I talk to my ‘match’ on a weekly basis! Visit the site today and get in touch with an associate or fellow of COVD.

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About Miki Lyn D'Angelo, OD

Miki Lyn D’Angelo, O.D. graduated with honors from the SUNY College of Optometry in New York, receiving the VSP Excellence in Primary Care and Excellence in Vision Therapy awards. She then continued her education by completing a residency in vision therapy and rehabilitation with Dr. Barry Tannen, OD. She has extensive experience in family eye care with a specialty and passion for pediatrics, vision training and neuro-rehabilitation with traumatic brain injury patients. She recently just opened a private practice cold with a partner on the Eastern End of Long Island. In her spare time she loves cooking and working on the farm with her fiancé.