This is a Fantastic Opportunity for Optometry Students and New Graduates

Jan 5, 2016
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Essilor is offering an incredible opportunity for optometry students and new graduates. Find out how to take your skills to the next level.

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Optometry students graduate with the same degree, the same skills, and the same knowledge. 

It can be difficult to set yourself apart in the increasingly competitive landscape of optometry.

Now you can.

Essilor is offering one optometry student, an incredible opportunity to gain valuable experience working within industry over a 10 week internship program.

This position will allow the optometry student to work in various settings including: Professional Relations, Professional Education, Marketing, Patient Care, and other areas.

The internship is paid, and includes all living expenses.

Here is what Joshua Halm, a student who completed the internship in 2014, had to say in regards to the program.

"My internship was a great opportunity to learn more about the eye care industry and to Version 2further my education outside of the traditional academic setting. I could not pass up a rare chance to witness how an industry leader, like Essilor, interacts and conducts business with optometrists. My experience at Essilor was truly rewarding and life changing. I cannot imagine spending my summer doing anything else. I would highly recommend any optometry student who enjoys challenges and is driven to succeed, to apply for the internship next summer."

Here is what Nicole Akpunku, a student who completed the internship last year, had to say in regards to the program.

Essilor"My past summer spent with Essilor was by far the best summer of my life!  My time with Essilor has opened up many doors and served as a great conversation starter. I was challenged in ways that allowed me to understand our amazing profession to a greater depth.  To top that,  I was honored to spend my 10 weeks working with amazing individuals thus making everyday spent with Essilor more enjoyable. If I could re-live my summer all over again, I would do it in a heart beat! If learning about practice management interests you, do NOT let this awesome opportunity pass you by."

Wait, there's more! 

Essilor is also offering a 4th year 2016 optometry graduate an internship opportunity in the summer as well.

It involves working in various industry sectors, and will be heavily focused on the business aspects of optometry.

Once again, it is a 10 week internship program and compensated at very competitive rates.

So what are you waiting for? When else will you have an opportunity to gain valuable experience, get paid, and develop amazing industry connections which I can promise you will be so important throughout your career?

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