The Optometric Industry - The Role of the Optometrist

Aug 13, 2019
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Optometrists play a large role in the optometric industry, both at the level of patient care, but also at the level of indsutry companies who influence it.

The optometric industry has a massive influence on the profession of optometry both at the level of the patient and at the level of the eye care professional (ECP).

Dr. Devon Kennedy discusses her experience working in the optometric industry and how it has provided a unique perspective on the profession as a whole. Working in the optometric industry can also provide ODs with skills that are different, but applicable in practice.

Companies in the optometric industry are directly responsible for the technology, tools, and resources available to both patients and ECPs. We as a profession, lean on the optometric industry to provide the support we need to provide the best patient care and ensure the success of our profession. As a result, there is a direct need for ODs to take an active role in working in and with industry players to communicate our needs and ensure advancements are made with the best interest of the ECP and patient in mind.

For ODs looking to take on a nonclinical role with companies in the optometric industry, going to conferences is a great opportunity to make connections and identify potential opportunities to get involved.

As innovation continues to change the landscape of healthcare including optometry, there are an increasing number of nonclinical opportunities. It is up to the OD to take an active approach to getting involved in these opportunities and ensure these companies continue to advocate not only for the profession as a whole, but for patients, students, and all eye care professionals.

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