Telehealth Q & A with Rob Vining, PT, MSPT and Kang Seo, PT, DPT – Free Webinar

by Brett Kestenbaum
Sep 17, 2019
2 min read

Watch the Q & A on telehealth and how PTs can add this modality to your practice!


Every physical therapist knows that telehealth is changing the healthcare industry.

It's no secret that technology is driving the evolution of healthcare around the world. Clinicians are using telehealth to offer healthcare to underserved rural communities, to increase patient compliance, and to support ongoing communication between co-managing doctors, among many other uses.

We were joined again by Rob Vining, PT, MSPT and Kang Seo, PT, DPT for a Q & A on telehealth and how PTs can add this modality to your practice!

Did you watch our last webinar with Rob and still have questions about how you can use telehealth in your practice? Watch the replay of the webinar!

About Rob Vining

Rob Vining, PT, MSPT is an orthopedic physical therapist with McKenzie and ART certifications and has worked with patients through telehealth since early 2005. He earned his MSPT degree and his Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sports Science from Texas State University at San Marcos. Rob has worked continuously throughout his career to provide information to the PT profession about the use and application of technology and telehealth through podcasts (PT TechTalk and the Telehealth 20 Podcast), educational websites and forums (, Telehealth PT Providers group), co-founding two telehealth software companies (Direct Physical Therapy and PTlive, Inc) and a central patient hub for pro-bono physical therapy triage, evaluation and treatment (www.Digital.Physio). He is the primary educator and director of the Telehealth PT Mentorship and Residency where PTs craft and launch their own digital practice to provide telehealth physical therapy for patients. He has personally presented to thousands of PTs, DPT students and a variety of medical professionals about the benefits and use cases for telehealth in the PT profession. Most recently, he created and launched a $10,000 grand prize competition for Physical Therapists launching their own digital practice during the Telehealth $10k Challenge.

About Kang Seo

Kang Seo, PT, DPT is currently pursuing his certification in orthopedic manual therapy to better serve his patients in home health. Dr. Seo works with his patients on injury prevention, nutrition, and overall well-being, as well as increasing their functions within their home and activities of daily living. He also has a diverse educational background with a Bachelor's degree in Business and Economics.

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About Brett Kestenbaum

As a physical therapist myself, I understand the general struggles of life after graduation, and the importance of focused attention on our patients. As Chief Operating Officer at CovalentCareers, I am afforded the opportunity to connect with thousands of physical therapists around the country. My goal is to improve the accessibility of information and careers for healthcare practitioners. Feel free to message me at any time! Always happy to connect.