Reusable Contact Lens Options and Troubleshooting Dryness

Aug 16, 2019
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Dr. Andrew Fischer discusses types of reusable contact lens options if daily disposables are not an option and some things to consider.

Dr. Andrew Fischer discusses reusable contact lens options and key things to consider in this video interview.

Dr. Fischer is a big advocate of daily disposable contact lens wear as a first choice for all patients; however, he understands that this might not always be an option. There are many types of reusable contact lens options that have advantages and disadvantages. The key factor no matter what type of reusable lens you recommend for patients is to reinforce the importance of  compliance to ensure a pleasurable and safe contact lens wearing experience.

Another major factor to consider when it comes to patients wearing reusable contact lenses is recommending a specific cleaning regimen. Making solution recommendations and instructing patients on proper cleaning of the lenses to ensure they can maintain comfort and wear time for the duration of the reusable lens modality.

Watch this video for some tips on educating patients on the benefits of daily disposable lenses.

Making these recommendations and providing this education is pivotal for providing the best wearing experience both in regards to comfort and maintaining eye health.

There are certainly external factors that can create challenges when it comes to contact lens comfort, which is true of all modalities of wear, with dry eye being one of the most common. Close examination of the meibomian glands and ocular surface should be part of any contact lens exam. If the ocular surface can’t facilitate an optimal wearing experience, then it is important to improve that surface.

Troubleshooting contact lens related dry eye in current contact lens wearers who have been happy with their daily disposable lenses is a bit more complicated. If a patient returns and expresses new discomfort in lenses that have been successful in the past, this is a clear indication that the ocular surface has changed. For these patients, you need to determine the underlying cause of change in the ocular surface.

As innovation in contact lenses continues to advance along with our understanding of dry eye, we are well positioned to provide the best wearing experience for patients.

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