Reference Guide to Topical Ophthalmic Antibiotics and Antivirals

Oct 5, 2015
1 min read

Managing ocular infections? Check out this reference guide containing available topical ophthalmic antibiotics and antivirals.

CovalentCareers has been working hard to bring you ophthalmic drug reference guides to help with your patient care. So far, we’ve given you the following:


Most clinicians have their “go-to” meds for fighting or preventing different infections, and while there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, it’s still good practice to keep yourself familiar with what’s available should you need it. This guide will give you a wide selection of the commonly, and a few not-so-commonly, utilized topical ophthalmic antibiotics and antivirals.

If you want a Google Doc or Microsoft Excel version of this document, just leave a comment below!

Now that you’ve looked over the choices, take time to try out different treatment methods with different drug selections. You may be surprised by which medications you prefer using.

For example, many schools emphasize selecting a newer medication like Besivance for treatment of corneal ulcers. While this is a great choice, the tried-and-true Polytrim can also be very effective as it covers gram (-) and gram (+) bacteria and is readily available at a low cost to your patient. You’ll never know what you like best if you don’t try them.

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