Parasym PlusTM: Vagus Nerve SupportTM & Dry Eye Relief

May 28, 2019
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Parasym Plus™ can change the way patients manage their dry eye alongside existing treatment options. Keep up to date with the newest supplements in eyecare.

A new advancement in the treatment of dry eye has just been patented and could soon become a staple treatment method. Dr. Diana Driscoll, OD says that her invention was “... born out of necessity for answers!”

While she worked to better understand her own dramatic autonomic dysfunction, she did a great deal of research into normal tear production and the ways that the autonomic nervous system affects basal tear production and inflammation. She subsequently uncovered a previously unexplored connection in dry eye research: the connection between dry eye and the parasympathetic nervous system.

Dr. Driscoll’s new invention, Parasym Plus™, is an oral supplement that targets the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for tear production and inflammation control, among other functions. Along with its other benefits to both the central and the autonomic nervous system, Parasym Plus™ supports the lacrimal nerve by supplying everything the nerve needs to communicate with the lacrimal gland, which is responsible for basal tear production.

This, combined with the support it provides to the vagus nerve in order to help control inflammation, means reduced redness, more tears, and healthier eyes. While there are many options for dry eye treatment currently on the market, Dr. Driscoll notes that “... when we treat [the disease] by also supporting the parasympathetic nervous system we can often get a better result for the patient.”

You can learn more about Dr. Driscoll’s Parasym Plus™ as well as the rest of Vagus Nerve Support’s line of supplements here. If you’re interested in learning more about the supplement's performance in clinical trials, you can learn more here and here.

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