3 Catastrophic Optometry Career Errors

Oct 23, 2017
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Making mistakes is part of finding your feet as a new optometrist. Here are three career errors that you can attempt to avoid!

Early on in your optometry career, it can be difficult to find your footing.

Experience is something that comes with time as you progress through your optometry career. It is important to remember that making mistakes is common and will always provide as a learning opportunity.

There are however some major errors new graduate OD's should try to avoid.

We had an opportunity to chat with Bryan Rogoff, OD, MBA, CPHM of EyeExec Consulting at Vision Expo East 2017  where Dr. Rogoff revealed some of the most catastrophic errors new graduate optometrists can make early on in their careers that could set them up for hardship.

Early on in your optometry career, you should avoid:

  1. Getting Emotional
  2. Not Consulting With Industry
  3. Failing To Understand Patient Demographics

Getting Emotional

We get very emotional about who we are as a profession and where we've come from. Oftentimes, we might find ourselves in the face of adversity. It is easy to be reactive instead of proactive.

Be confident in what you can do, and go out there and do it.

Consulting With Industry

We oftentimes fail to utilize our industry partners as a resource. Early on in your optometry career, and even throughout, it is impossible to know all the intricacies of eyecare and running a practice. Do not be afraid to reach out for help as there are countless industry experts who can provide you with the appropriate guidance.

Failing To Understand Patient Demographic

You need to understand patient demographic.

Millennials are going to make up more and more of our patient base. We need to better understand how they work. Most millennials expect a high level of technology in your practice because they are using it to find you.

Don't confuse them with baby boomers. Their expectations are completely different.

You need to understand both of these markets and plan your practice around them.

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