Optometry and Medical Mission Trips

Apr 15, 2019
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Optometrists have a great role to play in medical mission trips. Dr. Hannah Cho discusses how ODs can identify opportunities to get invovled.

Dr. Hannah Cho discusses optometry and medical mission trips in this video interview and how and why it is important for optometrists to get involved and give back.

If you have ever been on optometry mission trips, or any mission trip for that matter, chances are the experience has etched a memory within you that you'll never forget.

The feelings and emotions are something that is so often difficult to describe in words.

Providing exams and glasses to those who do not have the access to vision care is first and foremost my main purpose. I want to ensure that poor vision that can be fixed by glasses does not limit anyone’s life. Glasses could be the key to providing essential income for food and basic safety rights we sometimes take for granted.

-Dr. Hannah Cho

For those that want to get involved in optometry mission trips, they can seek opportunities by searching both on a local and corporate level.

Many large companies within the industry support charitable organizations or have mission clinics domestically and abroad that you can get involved in.

It is important to remember however, that optometry mission trips are one form of giving back. You can do many other things even in your community to support those in need whether it is by volunteering for your local Lion's Club Organization or simply donating money to the many groups that provide services and materials for those who have no access to care or cannot afford it.

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