OCTaVIA: Your Pocket OCT Visual Reference

Apr 25, 2019
1 min read

OCTaVIA is gives ODs lightning fast insight into OCT results with quick reference materials for a wide array of ocular disease.

New eyecare technology often means massive pricetags and highly precise pieces of machinery, but with the launch of OCTaVIA, developed by Dr. Elena Z. Biffi, OD of New England College of Optometry, optometrists now have the power to assist in diagnosing and managing retinal disorders right from their iOS smart devices! Providing clear direction and annotation quickly, in-clinic means that eyecare professionals can move that much more efficiently in assisting their patients or teaching students.

What is OCTaVIA?

While OCT imaging is invaluable, making proper use of it also requires a great deal of work and training. OCTaVIA, provides ODs with normal OCT reference material as well as immediately accessible, corresponding OCT with Fundus Photography images for a wide variety of retinal diseases. By being able to easily search through a database of retinal diseases and consult existing OCT images, ODs can gather the information they have on their patients, place their findings in context, and come to the correct clinical conclusion faster.

The images are also supplemented with disease-specific descriptions and additional links provided in-app as well. It is because of this thoroughness that OCTaVIA extends well beyond direct clinical applications. With its collection of disease-specific data and library of offline, clinical information it can also function as a powerful educational tool in a classroom setting!

By making clinical information even more accessible, OCTaVIA strives to make efficient, effective care easier. We’re looking forward to seeing how the app evolves. You can download it for free from the AppStore on any iOS device here!

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