Nicola Perini of Luxottica – CovalentCareers Podcast

Jun 29, 2015
1 min read

Nicola Perini of Luxottica shares with us the fundamental key to success in the ever changing landscape of eyecare, teamwork.

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Nicola Perini, Vice President of Eastern Regional Sales at Luxottica, shares with us the fundamental key to success in any business... teamwork. 

Nicola Perini tells his story, revealing how he earned his position at Luxottica, including his major move across the globe, and how he handled that massive transition to a foreign land. Nicola also talks details about the ever evolving landscape of eyecare. He highlights advancements, technology, and the disruption that has been taking place within the ophthalmic industry, and how we can come together in unity to achieve success collectively as a group.


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