Motivating Employees and Building the Perfect Team

We talked with Dr. Scott Jens, co-founder and CEO of Rev360, at Vision Expo on motivating employees and keeping a team in sync.

As a fully distributed company where many employees work from home, one of the key challenges for Rev360, according to Dr. Jens, was “how to create decision spaces across the internet.”

Beyond the use of such tools as Skype and teleconferencing, a major component of Rev360’s management strategy is called “shared consciousness.” With this style of management, leaders empower team members to take action by sharing information across all levels of the company.

So how does that work in practice?

First, team members need to be upfront about their availability and agree to share metrics. With companies in multiple locations, sharing metrics is important to assess productivity. Most large practices today are metrics-driven, Dr. Jens explains, especially after the consolidation efforts of recent years.

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The difference between those companies and Rev360, is that Rev360 shares information not only between leaders and doctors, but also with the frontline. Business owners share information with frontline team members, empowering them in real-time to act in the patient’s interests. “We have to have that translatable information sharing across the business,” Dr. Jens concludes, “for the business to truly look like it’s customer-first.”

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