Macular Pigments and Harmful Blue Light

Jun 5, 2017
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There has been much discussion surrounding harmful blue light and the eyes recently. Macular pigments may play a role in this. Find out why.

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In this video interview, filmed at Vision Expo West, Gordon Bethwaite, Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Guardion Health Sciences, Inc. talks macular pigment density and harmful blue light.

The eyes have been playing an increasing role in relation to systemic and neurodegenerative disease.

Specifically, the macula is being closely examined. It appears that macular pigment can be a biomarker in neurodegenerative disease as well as ocular disease and macular pigments serve a protective function in both.

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Furthermore, we know that macular pigments might also play a role in protective function against harmful blue light.

Blue light has been getting increasingly more attention in the eyecare community. We are spending more time on digital devices than ever before. There is concern that increased exposure to blue light might cause ocular complications down the road.

We can protect the eyes from the outside from the use of blue lens blocking technology; however, we can also protect the eye from the inside by reinforcing macular pigment density.

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Various ocular conditions can cause increased susceptibility to harmful blue light.

Many patients will develop cataracts and need surgical intervention. Optometrists are on the forefront in managing and co-managing these patients.

There are certain elements that these patients should be educated on during pre and post operative care. An essential element is maintaining retinal health.

Here are some patient education tips:

Patients who have had cataract surgery can be of increased risk to harmful blue light exposure.

Once the cataract is removed and intraocular lens implantation occurs, this can increase patient susceptibility to blue light exposure.

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