How to Write Job Descriptions That Appeal to Millennial Optometrists

Apr 21, 2016
1 min read

The average optometric practice is not very good at writing job descriptions.

Let me correct that.

The average optometric practice is not very good at writing optometrist job descriptions, for attracting millennial generation optometrists.

The LinkedIn 2016 Jobs Report has shown us that today's job seekers are not entirely motivated by salary and benefits, pension plans, 401K and other secure perks.

Today's optometrists want something different.

As co-founder of CovalentCareers, one of the leaders in talent sourcing for optometrists, I have found that today's optometrists want culture, freedom, growth, and the feeling of being part of something bigger. They grew up watching "cool" companies like Facebook and Google embark on incredible missions.

They want cool and to be part of something bigger.

Is your practice cool?

Does your job description speak to the millennial optometrist or to an optometrist from the 1990's? 

Decide who you want to attract.

About Matt Geller, OD

Dr. Matt Geller is an entrepreneur with a track record of developing successful online platforms to solve problems in the healthcare space. Matt is the co-founder and CEO of CovalentCareers and NewGradOptometry.