Last-Minute Gifts for the Eyecare Enthusiast in Your Life

Dec 22, 2020
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It may be a little late to do a whole "12 days of presents" thing, but here are 12 (very) last-minute gift ideas for the ECP in your life–they work great for birthdays, too!


The holidays are upon us! Eyecare is the gift that keeps on giving, so why not show the optometrist or ophthalmologist in your life a little extra appreciation this holiday season?

Note: these gifts work for any time of year. Birthdays, holidays, you name it–never a bad time to get a fun eyecare-themed present! Additionally, if you want to treat yourself, these are a great way to do so.

#notsponsored. Consider these ideas our gift to you ;)

1 Phone case in a pear tree

Bad jokes aside, there's a reason we're seeing so many dry eye patients this year. With screen times on the rise, it's safe to say that we're all on our phones . . . a lot. So why not give a fun phone case or popsocket as a gift? Perfect as a stocking stuffer (or as a gift for an acquaintance you don't know that well but still feel obligated to get a gift for 😅).


2 Turtle doves . . . or a tie clip

A themed tie clip is a great gift for anyone who wants to show their love for eyecare on all occasions. Might as well get them a few ties to round out the gift.

tie clip.jpg

Fig: Bejeweled Vintage on Etsy.

Optometry apparel

Who doesn't love a fun new piece of clothing? Whether it's to wear while lounging around or as part of a casual Friday look, these eyecare-themed garments are a great gift option for ECPs. Get as creative as you want–there are some hilarious options out there, from "ugly" Christmas sweaters to graphic tees.


Pencil pouches

A handy way to store pencils, makeup, and more, this carry-all pouch is also a fun way for someone to express their love of eyecare in and out of the clinic.

pencil pouch.png

5 Golden rings (or, you know, pins)

Well, they're not gold. And you don't have to buy 5. But these pins from V Coterie and TheAnatomicalEye are PERFECT for white coats, backpacks, corkboards, and any other surface that one might be inclined to decorate. Why not buy some for yourself, as well?


Left: @vcoterie on Instagram. Right: @theanatomicaleye on Instagram.

Massage gun

2020 has been quite the year, especially for healthcare workers. A massage gun makes for a much-appreciated gift and a reminder to get some R&R. Why not throw in a couple of face masks, fuzzy socks, and a snack or drink of their choice to make for a full-on spa experience at home?

massage gun.jpg

7 Scrubs . . . a-scrubbing

Scrubs are a necessity for any healthcare provider, so why not buy a nice pair for someone? They'll get to show up to clinic feeling both put-together and comfortable, which is what we're all aiming for, right?


A cozy blanket

Whether it becomes the newest "curled up watching Netflix" companion or even that one blanket that we all keep in our cars just in case you decide to have a spontaneous picnic (or you just get really cold while driving), this eye-patterned blanket crosses off both the "function" and "fashion" categories when it comes to gifts.



Stickers are the spice of life. Well, maybe not, but they're a fun gift. These stickers from the Future Optometrist Etsy Shop are a great gift for any optometry student or practicing clinician. Additionally, Redbubble has a wide variety of designs–like the  👁👄👁 emoji sticker, perfect for pre-optometry Gen Z-ers (Hydroflask not included).


Left: @futureoptometrist on Instagram. Right: Redbubble.

For aesthetically oriented individuals

This eye-shaped mirror is a stylish and practical way for someone to incorporate their love for eyecare into interior design. This item can act as home decor, a desk or vanity mirror, or even as an accessory to place around a well-designed optical or office.


The accessory du jour–but make it eyecare

Stay safe and stylish year-round with eyecare-themed masks. These are a fun way to show your love of eyecare while out and about.


Fig: CustombyChrisDesign on Etsy.

Jewelry! Accessories! All of the above!

A one-stop-shop for all eyecare accessories, Key Optique is the place to buy a variety of gifts for every ECP on your "nice" list! Seriously, check out their website for accessories your eyecare-loving friends, family members, or significant others will LOVE.


Fig: @keyoptique on Instagram.

Hey, you–yes, you–thanks for sticking through to the end of this article. We scoured the internet to bring you these snazzy gift ideas and hope you got some ideas (or at least a kick out of it)! Check out the post on our Instagram and leave a comment letting us know what you bought for the optometrist or ophthalmologist in your life.

Also, this is a reminder to treat yourself. You've earned it. 🎁

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