Harmful Blue Light - Fact, Fiction, Solutions YouTube Live

Jul 26, 2018
1 min read

We hosted a YouTube Live with Pete Hanlin of Essilor and talked about harmful blue light including facts, fiction, and solutions surrounding this topic.

We hosted a YouTube Live with Pete Hanlin of Essilor on Wednesday, July 25th, 2018 to talk harmful blue light.  🎥

We talked about the buzz surrounding harmful blue light, and how much of that is based on fact, and how much on fiction.We answered the following questions:

  • What is harmful blue light?
  • Is all blue light bad?
  • Should we be educating patients about blue light filtering lenses?
  • Is there science to support claims that blue light can potentially cause damage to the eyes?
  • Who can benefit the most from blue light filtering lenses?

We also discovered some really interesting things like:

  • The number one source of blue light is actually the sun – not all of our digital devices!
  • What specific wavelengths of blue light have been shown to affect the body and the eye.
  • Why patients who have undergone cataract surgery can benefit from blue light filtering lenses.
  • What yellow tinted lenses do and why pilots wear them.

Finally – we talked about solutions including:

  • Blue light filtering lens solutions on the market by Essilor.
  • What the number one blue filtering lens in Essilor’s portfolio is.
  • Can you combine various products (anti-glare coatings and other lenses) to create additive effects.
  • How to best talk to patients and answer questions about harmful blue light based on the information and results of studies we have right now.

Watch the full video for more on harmful blue light, or read more about some of the lens options we discussed with Pete during the event!

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