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Graduating From Optometry School and Starting Your Optometry Career

Sep 25, 2019
2 min read

Devon Kennedy discusses graduating from optometry school and those critical things needed in order to kickstart your career.

Graduating from optometry school is a major accomplishment.

Dr. Devon Kennedy discusses next steps after graduating from optometry school including next steps in order to jumpstart your career. After graduating from optometry, the first thing that you’ll want to do is take a step back and relish in your accomplishment. Take a well deserved break and enjoy some time off!

After that, you’ll need to focus on getting your optometry license so you can begin practicing and seeing patients. Depending on the state you are getting licensed, the process can vary dramatically. The licensing process is pretty straightforward; however, once again, understanding the process and procedures for the specific state or states you want to practice in will be paramount.

Dr. Kennedy also highlights some of the exciting things to look forward to practicing on your own for the first time.

Being out on your own and having the opportunity to develop close relationships with your patients should not be taken lightly. In school, you might be lucky to see a patient once or twice over the course of your externship or internship, but out in the real world, you will likely be seeing these patients for many years to come especially if taking a job in a practice that you intend on working at for years to come.

On the topic of jobs, finding an optometry job can be challenging. What is important is understanding what you envision your career to be and what your personal goals are. Understanding what your goals are both personal and career based, is critical to ensuring you choose the right opportunity.

Check out the simple guide to jobs after optometry school that will teach you where to find a job, what you need, and how to negotiate your contract.

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