How To Find Physical Therapy Volunteer Opportunities Near You For PT Day Of Service

October 4th, 2018 in  Allied Health
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What if? What if we galvanized the profession to come together as a united force and utilized our gifts and skills to transform society through service? Since 2014, that simple question has been answered by over 12,000 participants from 50 States and 55 countries as we have collaborated to give back to our communities during PT Day of Service (PTDOS). If you’re wondering how you can find physical therapy volunteer opportunities near you, don’t worry! There’s so many ways you can get involved.

Get your classmates, coworkers, family, and friends involved today by pledging to join us. Let's show the world the power that lies within the physical therapy community, as we unite to turn compassion into action across the globe.

When we come together to use our hearts and hands, individuals, families, and communities are transformed. The engine of this dynamic initiative is found in its participants from every corner of the globe. With each passing year, there is nothing more apparent than the rippling effect of love. Below are just a few service projects from last year that ooze with creativity and passion:

  • In Birmingham, Alabama, Drayer Physical Therapy Institute and UAB DPT students sponsored a benefit concert entitled “Bands and Brew” to help with Hurricane Relief.
  • In Kurdistan, Iraq, physiotherapists visited a Syrian Refugee camp in which they held an exercise workshop for children and held a seminar for women to understand how to use movement and exercises to self-manage low back pain.
  • In Phoenix, AZ, DPT and PA students from Northern Arizona University and A.T. Still University collaborated with the SHOW clinic to provide free blood glucose screening, foot exams, and sock/shoe donations to homeless individuals.
  • In Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, physiotherapists participated in the T-20 Hurricane Relief Cricket Game at the Queen’s Park Oval and also raised supplies for communities in the region affected by the recent hurricanes.
  • In Tijuana, Mexico, a crew of PTs, PTAs and students partnered with Flying Samaritans to provide pro bono services. They also spent part of their day working with public health services to educate children and adults on the importance of daily physical activity.

These examples are just a snapshot of the impact of PT Day of Service. As you can see, not every volunteer opportunity meant providing physical therapy services — but every event involved PTs working for the benefit of their communities. This is what the PT Day of Service is all about!

Our communities continue to grow in breadth and depth each year. If you need help planning your service project, we have an entire support team ready to help you brainstorm. Can we count on you to make this a record-breaking year?

What are you planning for PTDOS? Let us know in the comments!