My Favorite RevolutionEHR Features

Jan 24, 2018
10 min read

There are some top RevolutionEHR features that make it a powerful system not only for patient data collection, but as a tool to manage your practice.

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Every electronic health record has specific strengths.

I have been using RevolutionEHR for the past several years. Throughout this time, I have come to depend on specific features of this software that I utilize on a daily basis.

Here are my favorite RevolutionEHR features and how they help me in practice.

1) Cloud Based System

RevolutionEHR is a cloud based system.

This means that you can access the system from anywhere. If a you have a web browser, or a mobile phone with internet access, you can log in to handle any important tasks outside office hours.

This feature is particularly advantageous for days when you are out of the office, away on trips, or even if you need to login during a vacation.

I frequently and routinely manage my schedule, run reports, and handle accounting tasks after office hours and outside patient care when I can do so without interruption. This function gives me the capability to do so from the comfort of my home.

As a frequent traveler, this platform has also enabled me to log in on the road or when away, to handle emergency situations that could not wait until I returned to the office as well as complete administrative duties.

RevolutionEHR gives you the capability to stay connected with your practice at all times.

Remember: RevolutionEHR is one platform. Everything from scheduling, exam data, merchandising, and practice management solutions are all part of a single system. Meaning you can manage any facet of your practice from anywhere.

If you do not have a computer with internet access, you can always use myRev Mobile App.screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-8-36-56-am

myRev gives RevolutionEHR users access to their schedules, the ability to review patient contact and demographic information, and check staff and patient messages directly from a smartphone.

2) Accounting Reports

Understanding how revenue is generated, and where it is generated from, is critical to the growth and success of your business.

The accounting module within RevolutionEHR is extremely powerful, and allows for detailed analysis of finances within your practice.

I use this feature multiple times throughout the day to monitor practice performance, and understand where and how we can improve sales and increase revenue.

The accounting module within the platform allows you to generate detailed reports on revenue data across:

  • specific time frames
  • dates
  • doctors within the practice
  • employees
  • individual patients
  • materials
  • procedure codes
  • many other categories

My practice, like many others, has two major components: medical and routine care.

I often generate patient lists based on diagnoses. This allows me to identify the number of diabetics, patients with glaucoma, macular degeneration, dry eye, and other pathologies I see on a weekly basis.

I then run detailed accounting reports based off procedure codes to decide if there are additional services I should be providing or adding to the practice. This also helps me determine where I need to prioritize my marketing efforts for growth and whether I should consider adding or purchasing diagnostic equipment to help the practice and serve patients.

Many equipment and buying decisions stem from understanding these key metrics.

If you've only generated $500 worth of income from visual field testing, chances are you might not be in a hurry to upgrade your perimeter in the special testing room, or add additional equipment to help you manage glaucoma. This might also identify an area of major growth potential in your practice!

With multiple locations, and many doctors, it is important to identify who is generating what, and at which location.

3) Billing and Coding Platform

Billing and coding is one of the most important tasks you will perform on a daily basis.

There can be a lot of confusion when it comes to billing and coding, especially since the advent of ICD10. Regardless however, it is critical to bill and code properly and efficiently as your practice truly depends on it!

There are many powerful features inherent within RevolutionEHR that promote coding efficiency and accuracy during exams.


You can even generate customizable CPT triggers based on exam data findings.


Many clinicians might agree that the waters surrounding billing medical procedures and encounters is a bit murky and can be difficult to navigate.

RevolutionEHR assists in this process by reviewing all documentation captured within the encounter and suggesting a 99 level code based on current E&M guidelines. This can greatly reduce the guesswork involved in deciding what level encounter to bill for. You can even access an audit of the encounter to ensure proper criterion have been met.

All procedure, service, and diagnoses codes are easily searchable within the platform. screen-shot-2016-06-01-at-8-05-54-am-1024x421

This means you do not need to memorize procedure codes, diagnoses codes, or service codes. You can easily create a list of favorites to choose from so billing an encounter is as simple as clicking and dragging a few line items.

Within the same coding module, you can easily assign billable items to the patient and/or the appropriate insurance company. An automatic claim or invoice is generated accordingly.


ICD10 auto conversion is another great feature within the platform. RevolutionEHR will auto-convert old ICD9 codes for you into ICD10 equivalent saving you a lot of time when it comes to examining patients you’ve seen before the implementation of ICD10.

RevolutionEHR allows for easy billing and coding which saves you, your patients, and your staff, a lot of time.

4) Customer Support

All RevolutionEHR support staff members have an eye care background. This is incredibly helpful when seeking guidance and troubleshooting issues. It also makes communicating questions and concerns more easily.

There are many resources available to RevolutionEHR users to access customer support and provide feedback on the software including a feedback button within the software.

Not only do they accept suggestions from RevolutionEHR users, but they also listen to and implement the requests of their customers. For example, I have personally seen change implemented after the scheduling interface was updated and met with dissatisfaction.

The scheduling interface was modified within a few short weeks to include specific requested additions after feedback from users had not been favorable. Talk about listening to your customers!


There is plenty of customer support when first implementing the software within your practice; however, support does not stop there.

Countless webinars provide updates on government regulations and required reporting procedures to help the busy practitioner keep up with the changing landscape in healthcare. RevolutionEHR customer support also leads interactive lunch and learn sessions where users collaborate with each other and a designated support representative on specific aspects of the software.

RevolutionEHR is supported by a growing team of eye care experts comprised of 8 full time optometrists and over 35 customer support reps.

Each member of the RevolutionEHR customer support team has a background working in optometric practices. They understand how eye care practices work, allowing them to be extremely helpful in assisting any role in the practice.

RevU The Reunion – the annual RevolutionEHR user meeting. The Reunion brings RevolutionEHR users together to learn how to use the software better, and maybe even more importantly, share tips and tricks with other users.

5) Partner Integrations

Many of us utilize various practice management tools, communication services, and automated equipment. Without these various resources, there would not be enough time in a day to see patients and handle every administrative task!

My practice specifically uses RxNT for e-prescribing and SolutionReach for patient relationship management and communication.

We also use Vision Web for sending and tracking spectacle lens orders, and rely on Glimpse for business analytics reporting. (Also check out The Edge by GPN for business analytics reporting - they're software is the most powerful in the industry)

RevolutionEHR integrates seamlessly with these industry partners so I can utilize these resources all within a single platform and information can be easily shared between them.

RevolutionEHR also integrates with common equipment used in optometric practices. Information collected by refractive and imaging devices is imported directly into the patient exam record which greatly improves exam efficiency and accuracy.

These features inherent within RevolutionEHR are tools and services that I utilize daily. The result is that I’ve saved a lot of time in the exam room and on administrative tasks so I can focus on my patients.

6) Optical Management Tools and Reporting

Managing your frame inventory can be a major challenge when you’re talking about hundreds or even thousands of frames.

RevolutionEHR pulls inventory data from which auto populates sizes and colors for every single frame you carry. That means you always know every possible size, shape, and color available for every frame in your inventory, without having to manually enter the information yourself.

RevolutionEHR’s robust inventory management system allows you to easily track your best and worst sellers, and helps you make informed decisions on purchasing and exchanges.

RevolutionEHR makes it easy to know when it’s time to reorder your best sellers. In your inventory tab you can set a minimum and maximum number of frames to have on hand for each frame in your optical, and a quick RevolutionEHR report will automatically tell you when it’s time to purchase more when you fall to that minimum number.

RevolutionEHR’s age report shows you how long each frame in your current inventory has sat unsold on your boards.

This will help you maximize your buying decisions to focus on stocking frames that sell. If an entire frame line is sitting on your boards for months at a time without selling, it’s time to re-evaluate how well that collection is connecting with your patient base.

7) Rev360

Rev360 is the eye care software and business services company that delivers the RevolutionEHR software platform and a suite of optional business services to eye care practices including revenue cycle management, documentation and coding, quality reporting, patient engagement, product ordering, eyewear, coaching, and ongoing education.

Rev360 offers compelling business services for RevolutionEHR users, including:

  • RevCycle
  • RevAssure
  • RevAspire
  • RevConnect
  • Fitify
  • SmartFlow
  • twelve84
  • RevU

Each of these services can propel your practice to the next level. In the age of CMS quality reporting, which can be extremely difficult to understand, not to mention time consuming, RevolutionEHR has me covered. RevAspire is a quality reporting service that supports and equips doctors and their practice through the entire process of CMS quality reporting. RevAspire offers CMS account administration, MIPS data submission, quality reporting assessments and advisement and audit response assistance.

8) All In One System

RevolutionEHR is an all in one EHR. An all in one system means simplicity. The simplicity of using one cloud-based software platform is the most effective and efficient way to run your practice.

This system not only serves as a place to collect data, but as evidenced, offers a complete solution for managing your schedule, your optical, and the business aspects of your practice. As more and more emphasis is placed on efficiency and strategic planning, this feature is absolutely priceless.

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