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Dr. Alan Glazier Launches Online Eyecare Publication, odsonfb.com

San Diego, CA – CovalentCareers, Inc., a California-based digital media and career development company, announced its relationship with a brand new eyecare publication, odsonfb.com, which was designed to complement the highly successful Facebook group, “ODs on Facebook.”

CovalentCareers partnered with Dr. Alan Glazier, OD, FAAO, Dipl ABO, founder of ODs on Facebook, to architect the expansion of Glazier’s popular eyecare social media community and meet the growing demands of its engaged community.

Odsonfb.com achieves this purpose by highlighting top articles and media from the highly-trafficked social media eyecare network, in addition to unique dedicated columns written by industry leaders. Other content includes custom eyecare resources, eyecare industry news, entertaining and inspiring featured content, and custom articles written by industry thought leaders, students, and up-and-coming young ODs.

Regarding his decision to expand the successful brand, Dr. Glazier remarked, “Anyone familiar with Facebook knows that, while it’s great to have discussions, it’s hard to find what you are looking for, especially if it’s an older post. This companion website points members to the most compelling content posted in the Facebook community, the most popular posts of all time, and original articles you won’t find on “ODs on Facebook”, written by an editorial board assembled from member doctors, consultants, and students.”

Dr. Glazier chose the digital media agency arm of CovalentCareers to provide the infrastructure, data architecture, and technology behind the platform. The robust technology team at CovalentCareers developed the infrastructure and systems for odsonfb.com to be successful from its inception, as well as far into the future, anticipating future demands for scale and expansion. The partnership will continue, as CovalentCareers will provide exclusive content, resources, and support for odsonfb.com on an ongoing basis.

Matthew Geller, OD, CEO of CovalentCareers, stated, “We would like to thank Dr. Glazier and his team for this exciting opportunity. We are committed to making large-scale positive changes in the eyecare career development space, by helping practices and job seekers make meaningful career choices and connections. This relationship demonstrates our commitment to scaling our media services division, and also represents our growing talent acquisition services.”

The recruitment technology department at CovalentCareers is the exclusive provider for all eyecare industry jobs across the ODs on Facebook and odsonfb.com platforms. This means that employers looking to hire personnel can list jobs on the website, at https://odsonfb.com/eyecare-jobs/, using a special discounted rate.

The CovalentCareers mission is to provide career growth support across the eyecare industry, and its career development wing is offering free career coaching to any ODs on Facebook and odsonfb.com members who come to CovalentCareers seeking jobs. Similarly, CovalentCareers supports eyecare employer success by offering human resources services and talent acquisition support.

About CovalentCareers, Inc.
CovalentCareers.com is an HR technology startup co-founded in 2014 by an entrepreneurial team of doctors and software engineers. The company’s proprietary algorithm organizes the professional identity of healthcare workers and niche details of job openings into a centralized, searchable database. The site is accessible to anyone for free, and provides robust HR tools to streamline workflows.


Meredith Castin

Meredith is a physical therapist in San Diego. She is the founder of The Non-Clinical PT and co-founder of NewGradPhysicalTherapy.com. Meredith is passionate about giving clinicians the tools to create careers they love, no matter what paths they choose!

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