13 Times You and I Might Possibly, Definitely, Dislike Being an Optometrist

Nov 2, 2015
1 min read

No matter what one's profession, there are certain things that drive one crazy. As an optometrist, there are many things that drive us crazy!


These are 13 situations when we all wish we had chosen to be firefighters, lawyers or teachers—anything but an Optometrist!

1. When your neighbor calls the office at 4:30pm on a Friday with reduced vision in one eye x 1 week


2.  When during a holiday, your extended family wants to know why your aunt's sister's second cousin's mailman's sister's dog went blind


3. When you look at the balance on your student loans


4. When the customer ahead of you at the pharmacy is buying a 10 pack of Foster Grants and a bottle of Visine

end of days

5. When your dentist friends tell you they have Fridays off


6. When you see someone with truly awful glasses


7. When you see someone wearing sunglasses over their prescription glasses


8. When you go out with someone and your date tells you they are legally blind without their glasses


9. When you have dinner with your optometrist friends and spend most of it one-upping each other with interesting patient stories


10. When a patient says, "You're just an optometrist, right?"


11. When your best friend orders their glasses online



12. When you open your own practice, view your first reimbursement schedule and see how little you get paid for an eye exam


13. When you give an eye exam to your significant other and they read the letters off  "Tiger...Zebra...Violin...Elephant..Cake...Larry."



Lets keep the list going! Share some of 'these' moments in the comments below!

About Courtney Dryer, OD

Courtney Dryer is a 2011 graduate of SCO. She opened 4 Eyes Optometry in her hometown of Charlotte, NC in February of 2013. After 5 years, the practice name was changed to Autarchic Spec Shop to renew the practice's commitment to independent optometry. In addition to consulting with new graduate optometrists on start-up practices, she contributes regularly to New Grad Optometry and has guest blogged for Invision Magazine. The unique design of her boutique practice was featured in Women in Optometry. In 2015, Vision Monday named her a Rising Star, and one of the most influential women in optical.