Contact Lens Solution Options and Considerations

Oct 7, 2019
1 min read

Dr. Andrew Fischer discusses the importance of contact lens solutions and important things to consider when it comes to optimal experiences with contacts.

Contact lens solution can dramatically impact the success of a patient’s contact lens wearing experience.

Multi-purpose solution affects contact lens wear because it can affect the ocular surface. The tear film is extremely delicate, and as we know, a healthy tear film is critical to not only comfort in contact lenses but clarity of vision.

Introducing any chemical or foreign substance to the ocular surface can cause major disruption to the tear film which subsequently can cause disruption in contact lens wearing comfort and vision. One advantage of daily disposable contact lenses is that you eliminate any impact contact lens solution might have on the tear film.

For reusable lens wearers however, contact lens solution is a necessity. While there are different types of contact lens solutions at our disposal, the key is understanding which solutions will cause the least disruption to the ocular surface and making information based recommendations to patients based upon this.

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