The Challenges of Keeping Staff Happy in an Optometry Practice

September 10th, 2016 in Eyecare

Keeping optometric staff happy, whether it's your ODs, opticians, ophthalmic technicians, or receptionists, is not easy.

The key is to get to know your staff.

When you finish a patient, are you running to finish charts or are you talking with staff and connecting with them?

Support your staff when they have a bad day.

What is happening behind the scenes when one of your staff members is having a bad day? You should try to recognize these situations and be there when your staff is in need.

Is every staff member pulling equal weight?

What about if a staff member isn't pulling their weight? Are you having regular meetings to make sure that everyone is treating their time at your practice as a team?

Ideas to support your staff.

One thing you can do is team building activities. Whether this is in big groups or small one-on-ones. Take them out to lunch, a sports game, or even to a local community event. Sure this costs money up front, but it will build your team morale. This will have a major ROI, one that is hard to measure, but still important.

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