Incentivizing and Motivating Optometry Staff

We held a panel discussion at Vision Expo with Evan Kastenbaum, co-founder of GPN Technologies, Dr. Brian Rogoff, founder of EyeExec Consulting, and Dr. Scot Morris, on best methods of incentivizing and motivating optometry staff members. We began by discussing how practices can use business and optical metrics to grow. …

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Motivating Employees and Building the Perfect Team

motivating employees and building the perfect optometry team

We talked with Dr. Scott Jens, co-founder and CEO of Rev360, at Vision Expo on motivating employees and keeping a team in sync. As a fully distributed company where many employees work from home, one of the key challenges for Rev360, according to Dr. Jens, was “how to create decision …

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How To Effectively Manage Optometric Staff

ODs Patricia Fulmer and Alan Glazier, of ODs on Facebook, sat down at Vision Expo East to discuss methods and tips on how to effectively manage optometric staff. How do you know when you have good staff? How do you recognize that, and how do you keep them? “My best …

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Legal Aspects to Healthcare Hiring

forbidden interview questions

When interviewing and hiring new employees, there are certain legalities of which you must be cognizant. Ignoring or failing to be aware of these legal issues — from the necessity of reasonable accommodations to the so-called forbidden interview questions — can lead to discrimination disputes, legal obstacles, and ultimately may …

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Hiring Millennials: How Today’s New Grads View Work


With more millennials joining the optometric workforce every year, there is a shroud of mystery on how this generation views work. Stereotypes regarding millennials as unmotivated and transient abound, and concerns arise when hiring millennials to practices. Numerous organizations have administered a variety of polls and surveys to try and better …

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