AVEO Contact Lenses - What You Need To Know

May 3, 2019
4 min read

The rise of technology in the eyecare industry brings with it new challenges. Staying up to date can help you properly educate your patients!

Another online contact lens company?

There is no doubt that daily contact lenses are the lens modality of choice for eyecare providers given their increased water content and the decreased rate of complication compared to other modalities. However, contact lens wearers are not always easily convinced by those statistics alone. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, of the 45 million people in the United States that wear contact lenses, the average age of contact lens wearers is 31 years old. People in this demographic are also known as millennials.

Through marketing and research tactics targeting millennials, some companies agree that convenience, ease, lower cost, and access to the internet are important points to consider when offering a product that competes with the traditional market. Seizing this opportunity, internet-based contact lens companies offer a “fresh Rx in minutes” and online vision tests work to provide a daily commodity that appeals to this demographic.

What is AVEO?

AVEO is an internet-based contact lens company that offers daily disposable contact lenses that are “just plain easy.”AVEO offers an online vision test (that requires a prescription from a doctor), and delivers 30 pairs of daily contact lenses for $30 a month! They also claim that their contact lens (Omafilcon A) is "easy on your wallet, easy on your eyes” and provides “HD Vision." They even offer the first month of contact lenses for free, which can easily convert consumers to try their product.

What is Omafilcon A?

Omafilcon A is a type of hydrogel contact lens that is 59% water content compared to Methafilcon A, which are 55% water content. Omafilcon A has been manufactured by CooperVision and marketed as ProclearⓇ.

Is AVEO really a bargain?

ProclearⓇ 1 Day daily disposable contact lenses are available for about $0.62 per contact lens. A yearly supply of AVEO contact lenses is $380 including the online vision check, making them about $0.52 cents per contact lens. However, the price of better quality daily disposable silicone hydrogel contact lenses from various manufacturers can be more of a bargain. For example, CooperVision offers a $200 rebate for MyDayⓇ silicone hydrogel daily disposable contact lenses! AVEO also does not participate in vision plans, which can cause patients to forfeit their annual benefits if they opt to use them.

How do I educate patients?

Many patients will be driven by a low price tag, but they may not know that bargain prices can mean contact lenses that are created with an older material than their more recent counterparts. It is important that you are educated about other lens options available online in order to provide answers when patients come to you with questions.

Assuring patients that you are always going to recommend the best option for them and their eyes can go a long way. It's useful to have alternatives available that are not only cost efficient but are also products that you can confidently stand behind to fulfill patient needs.

The bottom line.

We are living in a society of research and an abundance of information. Along with the high level of patient care delivered in practice, it is crucial for the practitioner to be organized and informed of resources that can be provided to patients. Keeping up-to-date with available financing options can steer patients away from seeking alternative methods of purchasing contact lenses and keep them in your practice instead. This is ultimately better for your business and more convenient for them! The internet is here to stay, but we need to stay relevant.


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