3D Eye - Try and Fuse These Retinal Images

Dec 20, 2018
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In this article, we test your vergence by asking you to try and fuse some retinal images. This is similar to the magic eye tests patients might talk about.

Try and fuse these retinal images, and discover what kind of vergence abilities you truly have!

All of these retinal images depict patients with glaucoma. This article is not meant to be clinical in nature, but you can definitely brush up on your glaucoma by checking out some of the following articles:

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With the limited information you have at your disposal (optic nerve images) which of the following patients do you think is in the most precarious situation based on nerve head morphology alone?

Retinal Image 1


The remaining retinal images are credited to Dr. Patricia Fulmer. They were all taken with the CLARUS 500.

You also note we attempted to alter spacing and size to really work your visual system!

Retinal Image 2


Retinal Image 3


Retinal Image 4


In the absence of any other data or case history, the patient in image 4 might be the best off! Agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments!

Retinal Image 5


So by now, you know whether or not you could use some vision therapy! Check out this article for the ultimate guide on vision therapy related normative values!

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