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Why is hiring OTs so difficult?

In October 2018, we surveyed 184 occupational therapists to try to understand why so many practices were having trouble hiring. The results were clear.

It's easy for OTs to find jobs

OTs rated the “average difficulty” of finding a job at only 4.6 out of 10. If occupational therapists are finding jobs easily, that means it’s going to be harder for you to hire.

0.0 Average Difficulty

What’s shaping market demand for OTs?

The 4 Forces Changing OT Employment

Force 1

Supply & Demand

There is a shortage of 20,000 FTE occupational therapists and supply cannot meet a growing patient demand. The number of new therapists is growing slowly. This increases demand for OTs and makes hiring more difficult. (Lin et al, 2015)

Force 2

More patients to treat

The population of individuals aged 55+ will increase by 28% between 2010 and 2020. This means a larger patient demographic who will be focused on aging in place. More patients to treat increases demand for OTs. (US Census Bureau, 2018)

Force 3

Expansion of post-acute care & home health

Since 2013, post-acute care and home health have expanded rapidly. As Medicaid expansion progresses across the U.S., this means an additional 4.3-4.7 million patients will be covered by insurance, with many of them eligible for rehab therapies. (Urban Institute, 2018)

Force 4


Occupational therapy job growth is 24%, but baby boomers account for 40% of healthcare workers. As older OTs retire, new OTs will be expected to fill the gaps, and workforce data suggests that the growth in new OTs will not be enough to meet patient demand. (US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2018)

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