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We’re the only allied health company that offers recruitment marketing

There’s a good chance your future employee is not actively looking for a job. Recruitment marketing is the way to access passive job seekers.

Branded company page

A CovalentCareers company page is a powerful branding tool that raises awareness, drives interest in your company, and builds a pipeline of candidates for your open roles. In a 2019 survey of 1,496 physical therapists, 96.7% stated that they research an employer before even applying for a job. Your page will put your company culture in the spotlight!

Highly visible banner ads

Our creative team will design banner ads (or use your own assets), which will be featured on the most highly-trafficked content visited by your target audience of PTs. Your banner ads can link to your company page so that candidates can learn more about your culture and apply to your open positions.

Customized content campaigns

Our creative team will create a comprehensive article, rich with media and testimonials, to help you tell your brand story and build your candidate pipeline. Our content is read by 60,000 allied health professionals each month, including active and passive job seekers, and performs like magic on social media. This means thousands of new eyes on your brand!

Social media and email blasts

Facebook and Instagram are the top two platforms used by PTs and PTAs. We’ll ensure that your content campaign is deployed to our massive social media following in a modern and fun way that generates brand equity and hires. Plus, you will reach our email list of nearly 30,000 physical therapy professionals.

Time-saving HR tools

You’ll receive access to our suite of legal-approved human resource tools—employment contract template, HR handbook template, and job description library—to reduce admin time and improve the quality of your resources.

Featured and exclusive real estate

Your job listings, company page, and content will be highlighted to make them stand out in search results and across the entire CovalentCareers ecosystem. They’ll also appear at the top of the job board (above your competition) where candidates are guaranteed to see them.

A recruitment marketing package also includes access to all of the features from our Job Board and Recruiting services.

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Why is hiring PTs so difficult?

In December 2018, we surveyed 795 physical therapists to try to understand why so many practices were having trouble hiring. The results were clear.

It's easy for PTs to find jobs

PTs rated the “average difficulty” of finding a job at only 3.2 out of 10. If physical therapists are finding jobs easily, that means it’s going to be harder for you to hire.

0.0 Average Difficulty

It doesn’t take long for PTs to find jobs

56% of physical therapists found a job before they graduated. The other 44% found a job within 9.2 weeks of graduation. You need to act fast to hire.

0.0 weeks

What’s shaping market demand for PTs?

The 4 Forces Changing PT Employment

Force 1

Supply & Demand

There is a shortage of 29,000 FTE physical therapists and supply cannot meet a growing patient demand. The number of new therapists is growing slowly. This increases demand for PTs and makes hiring more difficult. (APTA, 2016)

Force 2

More patients to treat

The population of individuals aged 55+ will increase by 28% between 2010 and 2020. This means a larger patient demographic who will be focused on aging in place. More patients to treat increases demand for PTs. (US Census Bureau, 2018)

Force 3

Expansion of post-acute care & home health

Since 2013, post-acute care and home health have expanded rapidly. As Medicaid expansion progresses across the U.S., this means an additional 4.3-4.7 million patients will be covered by insurance, with many of them eligible for rehab therapies. (Urban Institute, 2018)

Force 4


Each year there is a net increase of 8,000 PTs. However, with attrition rates as high as 3.5%, this ratio cannot support the concurrent increase in demand for physical therapy services. (APTA, 2016)

See how the 4 forces are affecting the supply of physical therapists in your area!

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