Physical Therapy Recruiting

Perfect for practices or businesses that don’t have the time or resources to manage the hiring process or have a tough time hiring.


How the recruiting process works



CovalentCareers’ expert recruiters will actively source PTs or PTAs who fit your specific requirements—from clinical specialties to cultural fit.

1 week - 6 months

Sourcing timelines will depend on your location and how competitive your offer is.


Screening & Interviews

Our team will perform all initial screenings and separate the best candidates from the not-so-great ones. From there, your recruiter will help you schedule interviews.

1 week - 1 month

Candidates move quickly and your interview process should too. Moving quickly is a must to lock in a great PT!



Once you pick the physical therapist who’s perfect for your practice, your recruiter will guide you through the offer process. Offers facilitated by a recruiter have a 75% higher chance of acceptance.

Up to 1 week

The offer stage includes all negotiation rounds and moves quickly. Our team is here to keep the ball rolling!



Congratulations! All that’s left is to pick a start date. We’ll send your new hire a welcome gift together with helpful content and resources so they’re ready to rock and roll.

Long Term

Our candidates are here to stay for many years to come. We pride ourselves on building relationships that last!

What’s the return on investment?

Here’s an example from one of CovalentCareers’ clients

We worked with a physical therapy practice that had had a vacancy for more than six months. They needed to hire quickly and hired us for full-service recruiting.

  • Average revenue per exam: $100
  • Schedule: 5 days/week with 10 exam slots/day (assumes 48 work weeks)
  • Salary: $6,666/month ($80,000/year)
  • Employee expenses: $1,500/month (payroll tax, HR, & misc expenses)
  • Cost: $9,000 to find a hire through CovalentCareers' PT recruiting service

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Why is physical therapy recruiting so effective?

Hire more quickly

It’s a tough hiring market, with PTs rating the average difficulty of finding a job at only 3.2 out of 10. A full-service recruiting team helps you stand out and find a candidate quickly in this competitive market.

Decrease vacancy costs

Every day without a physical therapist in your practice is lost revenue and lost opportunity for growth. Whether you’re growing and need a new PT or need to replace someone, it’s imperative that you fill your open positions quickly.

Reduce admin costs

Recruiting services cost money. But by reducing time and fees spent elsewhere, it may be your most cost-effective option. By having us do the head hunting for you, you will eliminate the costs of posting a job, as well as the hours spent sourcing, posting listings, scheduling, and screening candidates.

Fair and honest pricing

It’s free to get your search started and you only pay if you hire

Zero risk, no money down

We’ll get started on your search immediately and you don’t need to spend a dime. You only pay if you hire one of our candidates.

Transparent pricing policy

Our pricing is simple and in your favor—you pay one simple flat fee based on the package you choose. We never charge a percentage of the PT’s salary or make you pay for us to search.

Guaranteed employee retention

If a candidate that we source leaves for any reason (within an agreed-upon timeline), we will refund 100% of your money or continue the search for a replacement.

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