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Create a public or private profile that grows with your accomplishments in your healthcare field and is 100% focused on healthcare, nothing else.


Don't just browse random job listings because they are in your city. The CovalentCareers algorithm analyzes your profile against every job listing on the platform and then scores each opportunity on a scale of 0-100%, showing you only listings relevant to your interests and skills.

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Quickly filter job listings based on the exact critera you desire. Search by distance, start date, credentials, desired practice setting, contract type, experience, culture, and more.

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Apply to dozens of quality healthcare jobs with a single click. Say goodbye to repetitive application forms.

Activity & Transparency

You shouldn't be in the dark about the application process. Instead, know exactly which employers have viewed your profile, read your messages, and reviewed your application.


No more disorganized email and annoying phone calls. Contact employers and recruiters directly and get the conversation started on your terms. In-app messaging is a great way to build relationships and find new opportunities!

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