Hiring ODs is difficult. We’re here to help.

In a December 2018 survey of 669 optometrists, we discovered that ODs currently find it "very easy" to find a job.

time to hire

ODs rated the “average difficulty” of finding a job at only 3.5 out of 10.

find a job

51% of ODs found a job before they graduated. The other 49% found a job within 3.5 weeks.

To help practices hire talented ODs quickly, we developed a unique, turn-key recruiting service.




CovalentCareers will actively source ODs who fit exactly what you’re looking for. From clinical skill sets to the desire to buy-out your practice, our expert recruiters will source the perfect fit.




Our team will perform all initial screenings and separate the best candidates from mediocre ones. Your recruiter will help you schedule all interviews with your candidates.




When you ultimately pick the optometrist who’s perfect to grow with your practice, your recruiter will guide you through the offer process to help you make the hire. Offers facilitated by your recruiter have a 75% higher chance of acceptance.




Congratulations! You and your new optometrist will now decide on a start date to join your team. We’ll send them a congratulations gift along with helpful content and resources so they can be productive in your practice from day one.

Recruiting is all about the ROI.

Assume your average revenue per exam is $200, and your new OD can do 10 exams per day, 5 days per week. That’s an average monthly revenue of $43,300 minus an average salary of $8,333/m and other costs of $1,500/m, gives you an excellent gross revenue of $33,467 per month!


Decrease your vacancy costs

time to hire

Decrease your time to hire

admin costs

Decrease your admin costs

See how many optometrists are looking in your area right now!


Our recruiters are currently working with 149 optometrists looking for work in your state.

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