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Your first job listing is 100% free and allows you to make a hire without spending a dime. Say goodbye to job listings that are a boring “wall of text.” Your CovalentCareers job listing is focused on the healthcare attributes of your practice!


Don't just browse random job seekers because they are in your city. The CovalentCareers algorithm analyzes your job listing against every job seeker on the platform and then scores each candidate on a scale of 0-100%, showing you only candidates relevant to your organization.

Power Filters

Stop sorting through endless lists of poor candidates. Quickly filter job seekers based on the exact criteria you desire. Search by distance, start date, credentials, desired practice setting, contract type, experience required, and more.

Detailed candidate profiles

Résumés don't tell you the whole story. Review detailed, healthcare specific candidate profiles that fit well with your opportunity. With the résumé as just one part of the profile, you can make educated interviewing and hiring decisions.

Activity & Transparency

You shouldn't be in the dark about the application process. Instead, know exactly how job seekers are interacting with your listing. Find out when job seekers view your listing, share your listing, and read your messages.


Say goodbye to the days of faxed in résumés, disorganized email and annoying phone calls. You can now message job seekers directly and get the conversation started prior to committing to phone calls or interviews. This is also the best way to passively recruit and build long term relationships with students!

Boosting & Syndication

Navigating to multiple websites to get your job posted is time consuming and inefficent. On CovalentCareers you can boost your job listing to and, along with our entire Affiliate Network with a single click, helping you to source many more candidates.

Successful Hires

CovalentCareers is definitely a one-of-a-kind service for eyecare and those seeking jobs in eyecare. The platform really looked into the nitty gritty of what I wanted in my job as an optometrist like no other website has. Everything else is generic but this platform truly understands ODs." image description RAE HUANG, O.D. Two Opticians of Boston, MA
I found CovalentCareers to be very refreshing when I began searching for an optician. Their matching system has a high emphasis on helping place the right candidate, not just any qualified candidate. I look forward to using them again in the future!" image description KRISTING S. O'BRIEN, OD Vision Source of GVR
I thought it would be tough to find a new optometrist in my area that was the right fit for my practice culture - until I discovered CovalentCareers. As soon as I created my first listing, the next day I received an email with a 94% match with an OD in my area!" image description WENDY MIMS Camelot Optical

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