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Founded in 1997 28 employees

Our Story

Our practice consists of a happy group of professional optometrists, opticians, lab techs, and lab professionals. We are family owned and operated and we enjoy an easygoing high performing culture. We work with the latest in optical diagnostic equipment (Optos) and we work with InfantSEE and have established a Myopia Control program. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of patient care using the latest technology.

We support our community in every way that we can by screening kids in the ISD279 for near vision, eye muscle function, depth perception and distance vision, donating eye exams and eyeglasses to any kid that needs assistance. We support every High School team that asks us and we are a major sponsor of our community's largest yearly event ---Maple Grove Days.

Maple Grove Eye Doctors
Our Values are Commitment to our

Meet Dr. Mark Korthals #WeKnowEyes


The unique benefit to joining the team of Maple Grove Eye Doctors who practice in the highest volume Pearle Vision franchise location in North America is the culture and the hours. We believe in happiness at work with the ability to provide positive input and ideas for our practice, and we also believe in providing a schedule for our doctors that allows them to have more time with family. A typical schedule would look like this:

  • Week 1 – Monday, Thursday, Saturday = 25.5 hours
  • Week 2 – Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday = 31.5 hours

For this pay period, a doctor would work 57 hours and get paid like it was an 80 hour pay period.

They help each other out by being flexible with needed time off by filling in for each other's schedules.

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