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Founded in 1998 1000 employees

Our Story

From the start of his career Tim Fox connected with older adult clients. Early on in his work, he noted flaws in the programs serving this group and set out to change them. After tirelessly reading through Medicare’s regulations he realized he could provide a new and innovative model of care. One using Medicare Part B to cover geriatric therapy at home. With a laptop and this bold idea, Dr. Fox set up shop in his basement and went knocking on doctors’ doors. Physicians easily saw the benefit to their patients. It was 1998 and FOX Rehabilitation was off and running.

However, the treatment model wasn’t all that was extraordinary. Dr. Fox orchestrated a culture where the staff defines the standards. FOX Rehabilitation is founded on a belief that great clinicians will do great work if you remove the handcuffs of bureaucracy. This tenet has been proven true beyond all imagination.

FOX Today

What started as a simple practice offering house calls for older adults treated under Medicare Part B has exploded into a multi-state, regional resource of autonomous clinicians going to clients and providing therapy that is proactive, evidence-based, and focused solely on geriatrics. Clients and staff alike say we have saved their lives, their sanity, their world. Of course, we know that it is they who saved themselves. FOX is simply honored to be a part of that.

FOX Rehab

FOX Rehab is Fighting Ageism in Healthcare

Have you ever thought about what you’d like to be doing when you’re 60, or even 80 years old? Ageism is prevalent in this country and impacts the geriatric population by framing pre-conceived ideas of what individuals should be physically able to do while aging. Fox rehab, however, has set out to change this misconception and help aging individuals strive for optimized performance.

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