Ewa Beach Physical Therapy

Founded in 2004 10 employees

Our Story

Therapists are the heart of Ewa Beach Physical Therapy's business. We offer therapists and assistants a unique opportunity to focus on the client, alleviating many of the frustrations many clinicians face. We understand that therapists prefer to spend the majority of their time seeing patients, so we offer solutions to minimize their time spent on the administrative side of the business. We support our therapists by letting them do what they do best – treat patients and help them get better. We have invested in the newest EMR software technology to streamline the headache of paperwork.

We provide excellent patient service through every person you will meet in our clinic. From our warm and smiling receptionist to joyful and compassionate physical therapists and assistants. At this clinic we have state-of-the-art equipment and technologies. Our facility comes with cardio equipment, strengthening equipment, and who wants to be at physical therapy if the clinic doesn’t have a great view? Well Ewa Beach Physical Therapy has it all. We also have a private exam and treatment room for private treatments.

Ewa Beach Physical Therapy
Our Core Values

We feel P.T. doesn't need to have the reputation of pain and torture. We strive to have a fun and inviting atmosphere where "everybody knows your name."


Physical Therapy In Ewa Beach Hawaii is Being Redefined

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