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Founded in 1974 30 employees

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Easton Eye Care is a private optometry practice that focuses on the personalized patient experience. In every city and town across America, our communities are over exposed to big box optical outlets and massive corporate giants that continue to inject impersonal care into the eye care market. That is not us. We focus on the individual, not as a number, but as a real person and a valued patient. Through advanced diagnostic technology, we are able to identify patients visual needs and deliver efficient personalized solutions. Our modern technology also allows us to go above and beyond the standard of care, catching eye health issues years before the prognosis becomes more serious. This puts patients on a preventative path, that can preserve vision for a lifetime. By making this quantum shift in patient centric preventative care, we are making positive changes in peoples' lives everyday.

Our medical model also launches the patient experience into the future of medical eye care delivery. When patients see a panoramic 3-D image of the inside of their eye on the big screen in the exam room, the "wow" factor is obvious. Our average day includes managing patients with glaucoma, macular degeneration, dry eye, diabetes, injuries, allergies, infections, refractive surgery care and the list goes on. Eye Care delivery has evolved, and we are leading the way.

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The practice prides itself on the favorable reviews from our patients

Congrats to Dr. Alan Bishop for being chosen by the Maryland Optometric Association to receive Maryland Optometry's highest honor, The Melvin Waxman Award! This award recognizes a Maryland optometrist that has shown exceptional service to the profession and their community.

Dr. Alan Bishop

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