Confluent Health

Founded in 2014 1000 employees

Our Story

Confluent Health is a Louisville, Kentucky-based holding company focused on creating a healthcare system that recognizes physical and occupational therapy providers as the Best First Choice for preventing and managing musculoskeletal and movement disorders.

Confluent Health offers the following shared management services – evidence-based practice, patient loyalty, regulatory assurance, marketing and branding, clinic operations, hiring and retention, strategy, accounting and finance, and customer service – to our companies: BreakThrough Physical Therapy, Evidence In Motion, Fit For Work, International Spine & Pain Institute, Kinetacore, Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy, Physical Therapy Central, ProActive Physical Therapy Specialists, ProRehab Physical Therapy, ProRehab – PC, Redbud Physical Therapy, SporTherapy, and Texas Physical Therapy Specialists. Together, these companies share a common ownership team and are committed to developing a learning, purpose, and coaching culture.

Our Mission – Transform healthcare to more effective care: one patient, one therapist, one employer at a time.

Confluent Health
Our Core Values

Our Success is through meaningful work that impacts lives

Have Fun
Do What's Right
Service with Passion
Here's What Employees Are Saying

“I've been with Confluent Health for almost three years and have constantly been given the opportunity to grow and learn. I feel like I'm in a position to go far in the company as leadership always allows you to be open and honest about where you see yourself down the line. I see myself growing as the company grows and that's a great feeling as an employee.

I started in the old Confluent office and it amazes me to see how we have doubled in size in the last couple of years. Now in the newer and larger office the amount of team members we have in the "Bee Hive" amazes me.

My team not only consists of my coworkers but we have formed friendships that I am able to enjoy coming into work. One of Confluent's core values is to have fun at work, and though we work hard everyday we also enjoy each others company and the friendly environment created by the leadership team. This goes hand in hand with the culture that Confluent puts in place, allowing everyone to feel appreciated and like their work matters - at least I know that is how I feel.

Leadership leads by example and always allows for one to grow their abilities and focus on strengths. I always feel like I am challenged to produce the best work I can. I'm extremely thankful to learn and grow from those who I admire.”

-Nicole Wadell
Nicole Wadell
  • Academy of Clinical Excellence
  • APTA–Certified EIM Residency or Advanced Clinical Certification
  • APTA–Certified EIM Fellowship Scholarships
  • PTVille 1 & 2
  • Conscious Leadership Coaching
  • Executive Program in Private Practice Management
  • Team Leader Conference
  • PT Help for Hati
  • Confluent Health Employee Foundation
  • Community Service
  • Family Friendly Employee Benefits

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