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Dr. Alan Glazier Launches Online Eyecare Publication, odsonfb.com


San Diego, CA – CovalentCareers, Inc., a California-based digital media and career development company, announced its relationship with a brand new eyecare publication, odsonfb.com, which was designed to complement the highly successful Facebook group, “ODs on Facebook.” CovalentCareers partnered with Dr. Alan Glazier, OD, FAAO, Dipl ABO, founder of ODs on …

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Everything You Must Know About Independent Contractor vs Employee – Optometry Practice


Independent Contractor or Employee? Many optometrists working in private practice, opticals, or even commercial modalities are considered independent contractors as opposed to employees. Oftentimes, there is not much of a difference between the two in regards to how you are treated or what your work entails. However a large distinction presents itself …

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5 Tips On How To Efficiently Communicate With Other Healthcare Professionals

Efficient communication is absolutely fundamental to providing comprehensive patient care, preventing malpractice, and to promote a greater understanding of an optometrist’s role in healthcare. Communication is so critical that a study conducted by the Joint Commission for Hospital Accreditation of 2,455 events found that a failure in communication accounted for …

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