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3 Negotiation Tactics for New Optometrists


Negotiating an optometry salary can feel a bit intimidating. If it’s your first time negotiating compensation for a professional job, it’s tempting to just take whatever an employer will give you. New optometrists often feel like they have zero leveraging power, but this is simply not the case. You just …

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Katie Dugan, OD, on Being a Successful Optometrist


During Vision Expo East, 2017, the CovalentCareers team sat down with Katie Dugan, OD, an optometrist at Temecula Creek Optometry, to pick her brain about what makes a successful optometrist. Invest in your staff: Dr. Dugan points out that we should understand that the biggest factor in patient retention, patient experience, and …

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5 Tips On How To Efficiently Communicate With Other Healthcare Professionals

Efficient communication is absolutely fundamental to providing comprehensive patient care, preventing malpractice, and to promote a greater understanding of an optometrist’s role in healthcare. Communication is so critical that a study conducted by the Joint Commission for Hospital Accreditation of 2,455 events found that a failure in communication accounted for …

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