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Incentivizing and Motivating Optometry Staff

We held a panel discussion at Vision Expo with Evan Kastenbaum, co-founder of GPN Technologies, Dr. Brian Rogoff, founder of EyeExec Consulting, and Dr. Scot Morris, on best methods of incentivizing and motivating optometry staff members. We began by discussing how practices can use business and optical metrics to grow. …

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Inside The Company: RevolutionEHR

When it comes to company culture, RevolutionEHR is at the top of the pack. That’s probably why they have such incredible products.  Imagine a work environment where you are as far away from your co-workers as possible, yet you are more connected than ever. Cindy Braden, VP of Sales at RevolutionEHR, was …

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Everything You Must Know About Independent Contractor vs Employee – Optometry Practice


Independent Contractor or Employee? Many optometrists working in private practice, opticals, or even commercial modalities are considered independent contractors as opposed to employees. Oftentimes, there is not much of a difference between the two in regards to how you are treated or what your work entails. However a large distinction presents itself …

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