Everything You Should Know About Optometrist Employment Contracts

Filmed in 4K resolution, at Vision Expo West in front of a live audience, this 45min panel discussion covers everything employers and employees must know about contracts in the optometric setting.

About the live panel discussion

Whether you’re an optometry practice owner or job candidate, understanding the terminology of an optometry employment contract is absolutely crucial. Many of us skim over the “boring stuff,” only looking at salary and paid time off (PTO), but this can come back to haunt us. The contract often spells out the terms of how an optometrist can practice, the duties and responsibilities of the position, tax implications (W2 vs W9), and critical information about what happens if the optometrist decides to leave the practice.

CovalentCareers’ founder, Matt Geller O.D. sat down with business law attorney and general counsel, Daniel Goodrich, Esq. at VisionExpo 2016 to discuss the importance of understanding the fine print in contracts. Geller and Goodrich demystify some of the common language found in optometry employment contracts and provide solutions for tricky predicaments, such as moonlighting and working several jobs at once.

What you can expect to learn

  • Understand what goes into an employment contract
  • The difference between W2 and W9
  • How to negotiate salary and benefits
  • Understanding non-compete clauses
  • How to be professional, but still friendly, during negotiations
  • Important legal considerations that belong in any optometry employment contract
  • What happens if the parties separate/part ways one day
  • How to effectively “blame” your requests on your accountant or attorney, so as to not come off crazy
  • And much, much more on everything related to optometrist employment contracts!


About Matt Geller

Matt Geller
Dr. Matt Geller is a technology entrepreneur with a track record of developing successful online platforms to solve problems in the healthcare space. Matt is an optometrist in San Diego and is the founder of OptometryStudents.com, NewGradOptometry.com and the co-founder of CovalentCareers.com.

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