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Trace McClintock

As a new grad physical therapist, my main focus thus far has been on becoming the best outpatient orthopedic clinician I can. I am working my way through the MDT course sequence where I just finished MDT part C which I chose knowing that the majority of my patient population within the VA was largely patients with chronic low back and cervical spine pain.

Outside of clinic work, I enjoy working on the \ two podcasts I co-host one being The Whiskey Docs Podcast and the other being The Ducklegs. Both of them help break through some of the monotony of general clinic work. I also work on a couple of side hustles and a personal blog that you can follow by adding me on Facebook. Growing up in a military family led to my great appreciation for working with our veteran population. Hopefully anyone interested finds the courage to apply as I look forward to working with the best and brightest in our field in the years to come!


Allied Health June 12th, 2019
What You Need to Know About Becoming a Veterans Affairs PT

Working with Veterans Affairs can provide a fantastic healthcare career. Make sure you know how to get started and what you can expect!