Samantha Chamberlain, PT, DPT

Sam I am and I like green eggs and ham... meaning I enjoy learning and trying new things. This summer I became Scuba certified and have been researching therapeutic benefits of scuba diving. I am also loving being a mom (to an adventurous toddler) along with enjoying life as a wife, daughter, sister, aunt, dog mom, friend, and clinic director at Redbud PT. 

I grew up in small town Oklahoma and embraced the benefits of small town life; a community that comes together to support one another. I wanted to continue being in this environment and chose to be a PT in a rural location knowing it was a population I could serve and relate to. 


What It’s Like Working at Redbud Physical Therapy
Allied Health August 27th, 2019
What It’s Like Working at Redbud Physical Therapy

Redbud Physical Therapy offers growth, flexibility, and learning opportunities—all the things I was looking for in a new PT position.