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Miki Lyn D'Angelo, OD

Miki Lyn D’Angelo, O.D. graduated with honors from the SUNY College of Optometry in New York, receiving the VSP Excellence in Primary Care and Excellence in Vision Therapy awards. She then continued her education by completing a residency in vision therapy and rehabilitation with Dr. Barry Tannen, OD. She has extensive experience in family eye care with a specialty and passion for pediatrics, vision training and neuro-rehabilitation with traumatic brain injury patients. She recently just opened a private practice cold with a partner on the Eastern End of Long Island. In her spare time she loves cooking and working on the farm with her fiancé.


Eyecare January 26th, 2020
The Optometrists' Guide to Starting a Vision Therapy Practice

What do you need to consider when starting a vision therapy practice?

Eyecare November 21st, 2019
Why All Optometrists Should Know About COVD

Whether or not you work in vision development, you should check out the wealth of resources from COVD.

Eyecare May 3rd, 2017
4 Tips for Managing Patients With Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Managing patients with traumatic brain injury can be challenging. Here are 4 important things to keep in mind when attempting to help these patients.

Eyecare February 6th, 2017
An In-Depth Look at Opening a Private Optometry Practice Cold

Opening a private optometry practice cold can be overwhelming. Here are important tips and questions answered by a new grad who opening his office cold!

Eyecare December 14th, 2016
What New Grads Need to Know About Strabismus

As a new grad, patients with strabismus can be intimidating despite all of your clinical education. Here are the basics to handling these patients.

Eyecare October 24th, 2016
Top 3 Reasons to Consider a Fellowship

Here are my top 3 reasons as to why new graduates should consider pursuing a fellowship in an area that they are most passionate about.

Eyecare August 30th, 2016
The 2 Step Process to Monitor Your Optometry Practice's Growth

For any optometry practice owner, tracking growth is critical for the success of your business. Here is a two step process to help you understand key data!

Eyecare June 30th, 2016
My Top Three Reasons for Not Accepting Every Insurance Plan

As a private practice owner, I decided not to be a participating provider with all insurance plans. I will explain my reasoning in this article.

Eyecare May 10th, 2016
Choosing the Right Electronic Medical Record For You

Here's how you can decide what electronic medical record might be best for your practice, and some of the pros and cons of the most commonly used EMRs.

Eyecare April 7th, 2016
Here's Why I Decided to Open My Optometry Practice Without An Optical

I opened a private optometry practice cold without an optical. Here are the main advantages and reasons why I decided I did not want or need an optical.

Eyecare March 10th, 2016
Here Is How I Got Money To Pay For My New Optometry Practice

Here are several ways to obtain money in order to fund your new optometry practice.

Eyecare February 3rd, 2016
Here's What It Cost Me To Open My Optometry Practice Cold

Here you'll find a detailed invoice of what it cost to open my new optometry practice cold.

Eyecare December 29th, 2015
This Is The Business Model I Developed To Open My Optometry Practice Cold

These are seven questions my partner and I answered to help develop our business model to open our optometry practice cold.

Eyecare November 27th, 2015
What Matters Most: Thinking About Your Roles, Values & Primary Aim

Find success and fulfillment by identifying your roles, values, and primary aim.

Eyecare October 28th, 2015
Vision and Development: What's Old is New Again Within Vision Therapy

Find out what tests are most effective for visual perceptual workups within your vision therapy practice!

Eyecare August 31st, 2015
Top 5 Resources for Vision Therapy & Rehabilitation

Here is a list of my top five ways to learn and stay connected with the advancements in vision therapy and rehabilitation.

Eyecare July 28th, 2015
Staying Connected To Your Vision Therapy Patients

Staying connected to your vision therapy patients through emails, reports and Facebook gives you the opportunity to stand out among your peers!

Eyecare June 24th, 2015
Vision Therapy & Special Needs Populations

Learn how vision therapy can successfully treat these special populations: traumatic brain injury, autism and learning disabled patients.

Eyecare May 14th, 2015
The Truth About Corporate Optometry

I want to share with you what I believe is the truth about corporate optometry. Your career path is wide open with an endless amount of options and opportunities.

Eyecare April 27th, 2015
Vision Therapy Programming: How Many Sessions?

How many vision therapy sessions does it take to treat a patient? This is a how-to guide to help answer that question for vision therapy practices.

Eyecare March 23rd, 2015
Ultimate Guide To Vision Therapy Normative Values

The following is a guide highlighting some of the most critical vision therapy normative values. A must have for any vision therapy doctors.

Eyecare January 5th, 2015
How to Get Referrals to Your Vision Therapy Practice

Here I will teach you my favorite methods for getting vision therapy referrals into my office. I practice vision therapy in Long Island, NY and get lots of referrals.

Eyecare November 26th, 2014
The Big Vision Therapy Question: To Take Insurance or To Not Take Insurance

The biggest decision when starting a vision therapy clinic is deciding to take insurance or not. Here is what Dr. Miki D'Angelo considered when it came time to make that exact decision.

Eyecare November 3rd, 2014
Creating A Business Plan for Vision Therapy (sample included)

A step-by-step guide on how to create a business plan for vision therapy. Included are start up costs, calculations of revenue, expenses and profits and examples.

Eyecare September 29th, 2014
Optometry Specialty Care – Why You Should Stand Out

My goal over the next year is to bring my optometry readers on my journey of creating a vision therapy business within an already existing practice and walk you through the process of actually doing it. Look out each month for a new article about bringing VT to your practice!