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Matt Geller, OD

Dr. Matt Geller is an entrepreneur with a track record of developing successful online platforms to solve problems in the healthcare space. Matt is the co-founder and CEO of CovalentCareers and NewGradOptometry.


Eyecare November 26th, 2019
New Study Drives Home Need for Increase in Optometry School Applicants

Since 2010, optometry schools in the United States have seen an 11% increase in matriculants, but the number of applicants year over year has stayed essentially flat. Why is this?

Eyecare November 9th, 2019
Optometry Practice Marketing: The Complete Course

Updated for 2019, this course is designed to help you market your new or existing practice and provide a series of tips and examples you can implement today!

Eyecare November 5th, 2019
Average Optometrist Salaries—with Calculator

Are you paid less (or more!) than your colleagues? Does your practice offer a competitive compensation package? Find out with our optometry salary calculator, based on fresh data from 4,833 ODs.

Eyecare October 30th, 2019
Profit First Cashflow for Optometry Practices with Mick Kling

Managing your practice's finances can be stressful. But it doesn't have to be! Join CovalentCareers and Dr. Mick Kling, OD on November 11 to learn about Corporate Structure, Tax, and Debt in an Optometry Practice. RSVP below!

Eyecare October 28th, 2019
The 2019 Optometrist Report: An Epic Journey

Join us as we chart the stormy waters and shining peaks of the optometry landscape—as reported by 1,181 ODs. Download the report to see what's in store!

Eyecare October 18th, 2019
The CovalentCareers Optometry Career Workshop: A Five-Part Video Series

In this five-part course, learn everything you need to navigate the optometry job search with ease—from building a resume to negotiating a contract.

Eyecare October 10th, 2019
How to Write an Employee Handbook for Your Optometry Practice - Plus Sample Employee Handbook

An employee handbook is a must for any business, and crafting one specifically for your optometry practice will make onboarding and managing employees a breeze.

Eyecare October 4th, 2019
Building a Values-Based Optometry Practice — Free Webinar

How do your values drive your practice? Join us for a discussion of philanthropy, community outreach, and all the ways that your values can positively impact practice growth.

Eyecare September 30th, 2019
Ep. 3: Five Essential Financial Building Blocks for Optometry Practices

Managing your practice's finances can be stressful. But it doesn't have to be!

Eyecare September 27th, 2019
Ep. 5: How to Manage an Independent Practice with Luxottica

Check out episode 5 of Optometry Live, where we discussed the ins and outs of managing a Luxottica Independent Practice!

Eyecare September 5th, 2019
Ep. 2: Everything You Should Know About Optometrist Employment Contracts

Learn how to craft a smart employment contract for your optometry practice, and download the free template!

Eyecare August 26th, 2019
Ep. 4: How to Keep Practice Staff Happy and Productive

You might be an expert on clinical care, but running a practice means staff management—and we're here to help with that!

Eyecare August 5th, 2019
Ep. 1: 10 Tips for Optometry Staff Management with Dr. Jennifer Chinn, OD

Join two optometrists, including a startup CEO, to learn all about the mistakes and successes of staff management!

Eyecare April 23rd, 2019
The 2019 New Grad Optometrist Report

In 2018, we surveyed 669 optometrists who graduated between 2012 and 2017 to learn about the state of the OD job search. Download the full report now!

Eyecare March 28th, 2019
Personal Finance Basics for Optometrists

We cover the 7 steps to getting your finances in order. You can also download our FREE student loan payoff spreadsheet and investment spreadsheet.

Eyecare March 28th, 2019
How To Open An Optometry Practice Cold

This 11-page ebook will take you through opening an optometry practice cold, from choosing a location to your grand opening.

Eyecare March 28th, 2019
The Simple Guide to Jobs After Optometry School

A four-step process to finding, preparing, interviewing, and closing the deal for any optometry job!

Eyecare March 27th, 2019
What Optometrists Think About Their Employers in 2019

Finding the right person to hire requires time and effort, and focusing that effort in the right places can make a lasting impact on a practice.

Allied Health March 12th, 2019
Your 2019 Marketing Plan Must Address The Emotions of PT Travelers

The job market has evolved and learning how to properly reach prospective candidates is the first step to success in the new arena.

Eyecare September 4th, 2017
The 2017 Optometrist Report by CovalentCareers

We surveyed over 1,000 optometrists and optometry students to get answers to the questions we were most curious about.

Eyecare May 2nd, 2017
Comparing Optometry Job Boards

Hiring an OD? Then you know there are a million job sites willing to take your money. We broke down the prices and features of each so you can choose the best option for your practice.