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Joel Kestenbaum, OD

Joel Kestenbaum O.D. is the practice owner at Optix Family Eyecare in Plainview New York and a successful optometric consultant.


Eyecare October 4th, 2019
Bringing Myopia Control to Private Practice

In order to slow the progression of myopia, it's crucial that ODs are proactive, especially with younger patients. It's time to act now and equip your private practice for myopia control.

Eyecare May 9th, 2018
When To Hire An Associate Optometrist For Your Private Practice

Deciding when to hire an associate optometrist for your practice is challenging. There are many things to consider. In this article we discuss some of them.

Eyecare March 14th, 2017
Five Questions You Must Ask An Optometrist During A Job Interview

The way you craft your interview questions can help you streamline your hiring practice and hire long-term players on your team, rather than having to hire a new OD every 6 months.